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Polkadog - Clam Chowda
Polkadog - Clam Chowda

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A Canadian based business with an ever growing number of hand-picked, highly curated products that will excite your dog.

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The GF Pet - Reversible Elasto-Fit Raincoat

May 2024

Coco's Monthly Product Highlight

For the month of May, Coco's favourite snack is the Snack 21 - Wild Pacific Salmon Strips. When she's hungry we pop one of these in her mouth and she's so happy!


Bichon Boutique is dedicated to providing high quality curated products that are shipped locally to Canadians. Each and every product is thoroughly reviewed by Coco ensuring other Bichon's will love it! 

Don't worry! If you don't have a Bichon, our catalogue caters to small breeds of the same size.