Bichon Boutique

Our Story

Husband and wife duo, Byron and JoJo were on a mission to provide their Bichon Frise, Coco, with beautiful, fun, and unique products.

Dubbing her "The Princess", the duo realized that only the best things in life would suit Coco.

Along the way, an idea was born to provide high-end dog fashion & accessories to other like minded individuals that had their own "Prince" or "Princess" at home.

Thus, Bichon Boutique was born.

Our Mission

Curated Products

Provide high-quality, curated products that are unique to any dog owner.

Coco's Seal of Approval

All products are thoroughly enjoyed by Coco ensuring that what is listed is something all Bichon's would love and enjoy.

Health and Happiness

We recognize the importance of health & happiness and continually strive to enhance all Bichon's lifestyles by offering exceptional products and accessories that complement your Bichon's life.


Always loved.